Ryan Gosling’s Strong Family Inspiration

Daughters’ Support to Ryan Gosling

You’re probably wondering how Ryan Gosling, the talented actor, nailed his unforgettable “I’m Just Ken” performance at the Oscars. Well, let’s dive into it. Ryan, 43, spills the beans during a recent chat at SXSW. It turns out, his family played a huge role in his success, especially his lovely wife, Eva Mendes, and their two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada.

Ryan Gosling Oscar

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Valuable Input

Picture this: Ryan Gosling at the dress rehearsal, getting some serious advice from his girls sitting right in the front row. They weren’t just there to cheer him on; they were his secret weapons, offering tips and notes that made his performance shine even brighter.

Motivation from Loved Ones

Now, Ryan’s not one to forget who helped him along the way. He gives a big shoutout to Eva, who at 50, remains his rock, and their adorable daughters, Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 7, who filled him with confidence and inspiration.

Ryan Gosling Oscar

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Oscars Magic

Let’s rewind to that magical Oscars night. Ryan steals the show with his rendition of “I’m Just Ken,” dressed to impress in a bedazzled pink suit paying homage to Marilyn Monroe. Alongside his fellow Kens, including Simu Liu, and with rock legends Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen, Ryan delivered a performance for the ages.

Ryan Gosling Oscar

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Ryan Gosling Heartfelt Gesture to Eva

But here’s the sweet part: as Ryan belts out the final note, eagle-eyed fans catch him kissing his necklace. What’s the story behind that? Well, it’s a touching tribute to Eva, whose initial “E” hangs from it, a constant reminder of his love and appreciation for his family.

Family First

Ryan Gosling and Eva are no strangers to keeping their family life private. Despite their Hollywood fame, they’ve managed to shield their daughters from the spotlight. Yet, Ryan hasn’t hesitated to express his gratitude for his family, whether it’s through a heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes or a tender moment on stage.

In conclusion, behind every great actor is a supportive family, and Ryan Gosling is no exception. With Eva Mendes and their daughters by his side, there’s no telling what extraordinary performances he’ll deliver next.

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